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Skills Training

Skills Training & Private Lessons

Our Skills Training  program is broken into skill levels for the most effective training sessions! Please see Level A-C descriptions and the difference between Small/Large group sessions. This will help to guide your player is in a session that meets their Volleyball needs and that they receive proper instruction.

private lessons

If you're interested in a private lesson, please contact 

Train for Club Tryouts

Skills training sessions is accepting ALL skills levels and from any school/home school to prepare for tryouts. All sessions will be held at Phoenix Training Center 500 East Rope Mill Rd. Canton, GA 30115

Please register online, walk-ups are accepted.

Middle School Train for Club Tryouts

Date Session Times Cost
9/29/19 All Skills 3-5pm $25
10/2/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/6/19 All Skills 2-4pm $25
10/8/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25

Train for High School Club Tryouts

Date Session Times Cost
10/1/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/7/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/9/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/10/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/20/19 All Skills 2-4pm $25
10/23/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25
10/27/19 All Skills 2-4pm $25
10/29/19 All Skills 6-8pm $25

fall break open gym dates

Date Day Times Cost
9/21/19 Saturday 12:30-2:30pm $10
9/22/19 Sunday 1-3pm $10
9/23/19 - Serving only Monday 3:30-4:30pm $10
9/23/19 Monday 6-8pm $10
9/24/19 Tuesday 6-8pm $10
9/25/19 Wednesday 6-8pm $10
9/26/19 Thursday 6-8pm $10
9/27/19 Friday 6-8pm $10
9/28/19 Saturday 11-1pm $10

Fall Beach Training

Date Day Times Cost
9/29/19 Sunday 2-4pm $25
10/6/19 Sunday 2-4pm $25
10/14/19 Monday 5:30-7:30pm $25
10/21/19 Monday 5:30-7:30pm $25
10/28/19 Monday 5:30-7:30pm $25

Level Breakdown

Level A: Players that have 0 to 1 years of experience being trained and playing at a recreational beginner level and some or new to club volleyball.  This level is for developing skills and the player is not consistent in the essential Volleyball skills.  Inconsistent serves, inconsistent passes, etc.

Level B: Players that have 1-2 years of experience being trained and playing at the intermediate club level.  A player meeting the standards for Level B will be fairly consistent in the essential Volleyball skills but looking for more advanced training.  For example, the player can serve consistently but would like to learn to jump serve, to serve angles and spot serving.

Level C: Players that have played club volleyball for 2-5 years AND/OR have earned a position on a 1 level team.  This is an advanced player with a high level of experience.  A player meeting the standards for Level C will be proficient in the essential Volleyball skills.  This player is looking to make small adjustments to their technique and learning additional strategies for the game.  This advanced player wants to improve their overall Volleyball IQ.

Small Group Training
The purpose of small group training is for specific technical skill training.  Essential Volleyball Skills are broken down into smaller segments with an emphasis on improving technique.  Small group training sessions will include 5 or fewer players per session and are 45 minutes.

Large Group Training 
The purpose of large group training is for repetition of skills.  The skills are not broken down in this setting.  Rather, the skill will be used throughout the session and a coach will provide minimal feedback and the player will be able to build muscle memory by using the skill(s) in a group setting.  Large group training sessions will include 8-10 players per session and are 1 hour.