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TNT Training


Clinic Type Level Day(s) Date(s) Time Cost
TRAIN 4 TRYOUTS All 15 & Over Sunday Oct. 17 3:00-5:00pm $30
TRAIN 4 TRYOUTS All 15 & Over Sunday Oct. 24 3:00-5:00pm $30
TRAIN 4 TRYOUTS All 15 & Over Tuesday Nov. 2 7:30-9:00pm $25
TRAIN 4 TRYOUTS All 15 & Over Wednesday Nov. 3 7:30-9:00pm $25
TRAIN 4 TRYOUTS All 15 & Over Thursday Nov. 4 7:30-9:00pm $25
OPEN GYM All 15 & Over Saturday Nov. 6 10:00am-12:00pm $10

TNT - Train For Tryouts!

Train for Club Tryouts!

Sessions are now OPEN for registration! 14 & Under

15 and Over

TNT Training Sessions

TNT Volleyball - these generalized clinics are an opportunity to learn and practice all of the essential skills of volleyball and for players to apply those skills in game play situations.  Coaches will teach the skills and use various drills to help reinforce the skills in game like situations.  The clinics will focus on various facets of the game to include: passing, serving, hitting, setting, team offense, team defense, game strategy, etc.  These generalized sessions will be geared to players at their level and will take place over a course or two days with 3 hours of training.

TNT Train for Tryouts - This clinic focuses on the skills needed for Middle School and High School Tryouts.  Coaches will discuss and cover topics that may be covered during tryouts.  Coaches will provide recommendations to players on how to get noticed at tryouts.  Players will perform drills that will likely be used in tryouts. 

TNT Hitting - Dedicated clinic to hitting.  The clinic will break down and focus on conditioning, mechanics and technique to improve hitting.  Players can expect to begin hitting from their core and focus on their approach.

TNT Serving - Dedicated clinic to serving.  The clinic will break down and focus on conditioning, mechanics and technique to improve serving.  Players attending this clinic will become more consistent with their serves.  We will cover two types of serves: Float and Top Spin.

TNT Passing - Dedicated clinic to forearm passing.  The clinic will reinforce the proper form and technique for passing.  Players should expect to become more consistent with ball control.

TNT Setting - Dedication clinic to setting.  The clinic will reinforce the proper mechanics of setting.  Please can expect to be able to set a ball more consistently.  

TNT Serve/Receive - This clinic will cover the fundamentals of serve receive.  Players will learn how to cover and close their lane.  They will also learn how to read the serve in order to initiate a good first pass to set-up the offense.

Levels are 'Experienced' and 'Novice' by Age - Experienced would include players that have played at least 1 year of club volleyball.  A Novice player would have had recreational training or basic skills training but NOT club volleyball experience.  Note: please sign up for the appropriate level as this provides the BEST experience for players.

In accordance with federal and state guidelines each session will have a limited number of attendees.  Each player must adhere to Phoenix Rising's health protocols and any player that doesn't, will not be able to attend. There are NO refunds if player doesn't abide by protocols. 

private lessons

Private Lessons can be arranged - please contact Coach Bibi at 

$60 Per hour

Train for Club Tryouts

To be continued before Club Season in the Fall.